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Post by Dre21 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:17 am

Hey dudes!
I would just like to share with you an art of last hit / deny i read about.
Its not my work so no plagiarism accusationy!

Its called stuttering. Or something...
The idea behind it is, lets say you go in for a last hit and you see you wont exactly kill that creep, and your enemy will be able to siftly deny ur last hit OR last hit ur deny.
So what you do is use the "S" key to cancel your attack mid-animation, thereby tricking him into attacking said creep, leaving the last hit / deny to you.
This would take a bit of practice i would imagine but if u can nail it i think it would give you a slight advantage. Not so much in Pubs where people just auto-attack, its more aimed at clannies where pretty much everyone knows what they're doing.
Hope this helps!wink

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Post by YamaKazi on Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:59 pm

in level 30 -40 public games everyone last hits. i prefer to click away rather than use 's' i also suggest that you use your 'life bars always on' option in the warcraft menu options as you enter the game.

i suggest that when last hitting you don't 'right click' the creep but rather use the 'a' button. this is slighter harder but has the ability to drastically save your life if you miss click the creep (which is fairly small). the reason for this is that if you miss click your right click will no longer be 'attack unit' but will change to 'move'. meaning if you have a soft range hero who needs to be sneezed on to die he will uncontrollably run into the middle of the creep wave. this usually results in instant death if you are player really good players. the 'a' button on the other hand will change your miss from an 'attack unit' command which will make your hero attack the last creep that hit him or the closest creep to him. that's a lot better than trying to head butt the creep with a sniper for example. a good player only needs a half a chance to kill you and he will take it.


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