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How to spot a n00b

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How to spot a n00b

Post by YamaKazi on Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:18 am

This is the general consensus about n00bs from years of experience playing with them.

1- Level DOES equate to skill. The level 40+ players are all really good and will most likely rip your faces off. they are the same skill as me so playing in a game where there are high level players means that the game will be extremely tight and extremely difficult, which is a nice change.

2- Numbers in the nick = n00b. You will see that the ratio of ppl with numbers in the nick at low levels is much higher than ppl with numbers in their nicks at high levels. About 2 yrs ago, b4 the leveling system, we had a thing called access points. This was similiar to the levels but the scale was 1 to 4. most players got 2. if you wanted more you had to suck admin wang. In those games when i used to host, numbered nicks would automatically get kicked. The reason for this is that more kids will use numbers in their nicks than older ppl, which means they will throw tantrums and quit or drop.

3- a player that doesn't 'last hit'. A player that doesnt last hit will get sodomized in a game with high level players. the reason for this is that if you are playing a rough combo and tower hug you will get no creeps unless you learn how to last hit and beat the tower and the enemies trying to deny.

4- Someone who uses the same build every game. there is no such thing as a perfect build. A build that works one game might not work in the next. While you may not be able to choose your hero in an AR your build will decide whether or not you get owned or succeed. you need to evaluate what your role is in the game. I will post something about this is the strategy guide.

5- Someone that takes a lot of damage from the creeps. You should be able to one hit and use a potion of clarity without losing your potion buff. For each hit you take from a creep your chance of dying increases.

6- Someone who cries about 'warning'. You have a minimap! Use it! You should be totally paranoid at all times in dota. Expect to be owned at any moment. Don't assume you safe.

7- Someone who falls for the same trick more than twice. If you get killed in a certain way you should immediately analyse why you died.

Now that you know these things you should be able to spot the nubs.


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Re: How to spot a n00b

Post by Dre21 on Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:57 am

Lol well im the only 1 in the clan with a number ROFL

and im the Chief Razz Razz Razz go figure Razz lolies



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Re: How to spot a n00b

Post by Mortal Tree on Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:49 pm

i cant speak for him but im sure he means more like 3 instead of E and 1 instead of I etc...
Like M0rt@l_Tr33 or something
coz u choose ur nick, dre, and it tunes nooit its used so logically u add something to personalize it, eg: 21, ur birthday.
Mortal Tree

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Re: How to spot a n00b

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