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Info on Clannies Empty Info on Clannies

Post by Dre21 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:37 am

1) Clannie dota is not the same as Pub dota.

Whatworks for you in pub dota, more often than not wont work in a clannie.Heroes like bloodseeker, razor and sniper that pwn in your [0]APEMgames will fail in clannies. Learn what heroes work in clannies andlearn how to play them clannie style. If you not sure how watch clanniereplays by the pros.

2) Always carry a TP

Helps save teamies/towers getting ganked as well as escape ganks

3) Learn how to ward

4) Last hit and deny

Never auto-attackcreeps, it makes u look like a noob and the other team will be laughingat you while they farm in peace in the shadow of their tower.

5) Learn the different hero roles in the team

Themain roles are carry, semi carry, support and ganking. Learn whatheroes play what roles and what items to get. If at the end of a gameyou playing a support warlock and you have anything more than a couplebracers/talismans and treads in your inventory, you are doing somethingwrong. All your money needs to be spent on wards and you shouldn't befarming (stealing CS from carry players)

6) Watch pro replays

Believe it or not this is the fastest way to learn how to clannie properly

7) Manage the Runes

This is mostly doneby a player/s in mid lane, using a bottle. Remember runes spawn every2nd minute starting and 0. So runes will spawn an minute 2, 4, 6, etc.Whether a rune spawns top or bot is completely random. Also alwaysleave runes for teamies with bottles, so they can use fill them up.

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Post by YamaKazi on Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:44 pm

i agree with most of this ,except for your theory on support heroes not farming. a carry is useless if his support heroes have no items. ie sheep mek shivas. if you find that your are late game with a warlock then its your whole teams fault. a clannie with a warlock in should NEVER go late game. the last thing you want is to not have items if this happens cos then its basically 4v5. having disable and heal items will greatly help your teamies. and its not necessary to buy 1000 sets of wards. you need to share the cost amongst your farming nuke heroes. even tho clannies are not like public games the same rules still apply. the heroes with the best combo and items at the point where their combo is strongest will win.

also there is no such thing as stealing creeps from your allies, unless its a nuke hero nuking all the creeps where your carry is. the best way to win is if your support get items quickly. if they can do this then they have a very good chance of keeping your carry alive. this means that your carry will not lose gold. it also means that when your carry engages he will have an arsenal of heal and disable to help him. another thing is more than one specialist carry will never work against good teams.

also wards need to be focused on the area where your carry is solo farming. your solo carry should also be your best player as he will be able to farm the fastest. games can come down to a few minutes literally, so having a really fast farmer is important.

we lost the south African final against a clan called 'xpz'. they stalled us and warded the sentinel bushes to hell so that we couldn't come near their solo syllabear. 30 minutes in he had treads, vanguard, and rapier and ripped us a new hole by killing four of us while his team healed him and slowed/ disabled us. even tho we had omni it didn't help. extremely good way to win a clannie.

there are 2 strats:

1) push them over early - we used this strategy in the local LAN and won even tho we had some really weak players.

2) stall the game and protect your carry - this is the strategy that i mentioned above. you ward and protect your carry.

Possible heroes for clannies:

-warlock (heal support and pushing support)
-omni (heal support)
-pudge (can pull out heroes basically meaning instant death for them)
-keeper of the light (good support and pisses off the enemy)
-earthshaker (stun nuke, nuff said)
-crystal maiden ( mana aura very good for a team; also owns with nuke)
-necrolyte (fucks up any carry that things he is hard core with his ulti; also good support heal)
-lich (pure rape when combines with earthshaker)
-pugna ( his ward will annialate an intelligence based team; also stops a push fairly easy)
-tinker (refreshing spam with shiva's is very good)
-pitlord (one of the best stallers in the game)
- enigma ( will basically mean your team have 5 seconds to pound a team while they stand there)
-death prophet ( her silence and wave are good for spam support; can also carry very well as her ghosts are similiar to a protoss carrier from starcraft)
-lycan ( very good carry hero with good damage, scouting ability and movespeed)
-zeus (obvious reasons)
-spectre ( good in combination with zeus)
-tiny (nuke and stun)
-axe (relatively decent tank with an instant kill ulti)
- bradwarden ( very big and his stun is aoe and is over 3 seconds; his model is also big so players tend to attack him)
- tidehunter ( good aoe nuke stun and tanking with support gush)
- jakiro (one of the best heroes in the game; has disable and can build a good support with lots of nuke in his spells)
-beast master ( good aoe damage with stun and scout)

these are the main heroes that come out. that's all i can think of atm.


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Info on Clannies Empty Re: Info on Clannies

Post by Sparxx on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:42 pm

a suggestion on jakiro - early game pusher with his auto flaming passive (massive damage and massive irritation). a build on him that i've tried and succeeded with countless times is a manta style jakiro - each of his copies share that passive skill, and a vanguard makes it nigh impossible to one hit kill a copy. then when you icy path someone, your copies chow their mana, and you are free to spam dual breath for some damage and serious slowing action. faster attack speed is also a winner...

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Info on Clannies Empty Re: Info on Clannies

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