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Post by Mortal Tree on Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:07 pm

Hey okes.
I was thinking of this and i thought I'd post to see what everyone thinks.
Kazi ur pro opinion is of high regard so please check it out.
This strat is geared toward pushing.

k lineup: Axe, Pit Lord, Tide/SK, Luna, Warlock/Enigma/CM/whatever support would work best in this situation.

My thinking is that Pit Lord can solo, and Luna (or w/e carry) can solo too. Axe can jungle. So your support is laneing with Tide/SK.
The benefits in clashes are obvious, lots and AOE, and also some disables.
Also having a solo Pit will be able to handle his lane, and his disable and fire are very good in early/mid ganks and pushes.
He is also very good at stopping pushes, he disposes of creeps quickly and therefore Expulsion is more effective, hurting pushers quite badly.
Ganking can be down to him, Luna and Axe. As Axe will also clear creeps out really fast thereby giving Luna a good opportunity to get her ulti off while Pit makes sure it does max damage with Pit of Malice.
Obviously Pit's teleport can be used to initiate a gank/push/defense, and you can choose who goes with him for said tasks.

In my mind this is a good strategy, but as we know many good strats on paper can be garbage in reality.
I'm kind of set on having an Axe in there, as it allows Pit to solo (but so would a n'aix or ench or chen) i just think Axe is better suited to the push strat. but please give any hero replacement suggestions as well please.

So i would like your opinions on this and if its something we like we can like to hurt it tonight. yarrr
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