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i'm impressed

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i'm impressed

Post by YamaKazi on Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:48 am

hey dudes.

judging from last night's practice game i must say i'm impressed by your guys skills. the only problem now its to get the timing of the team work right and the clan hero picks right.

our clan combo was straight forward, we picked pudge omni first, then cm jug bottom and nvmore as carry. our carry solo'd mid and owned the huskar in the farming. the pudge omni combo seemed to be unstoppable top. and bottom was owned the grip and spin.

now our combo was easy to stop if you had the right heroes.

firstly you NEVER pick huskar in a clannie. its a fail. secondly if you gna pick naix you must solo with him in the bushes. thirdly, we picked omni pudge as our first choice so you shoulve picked medusa as your carry, and made her solo mid. she can purge off the shield.the venge tiny combo was good at the bottom, however it wasnt played very well. i would suggest that next time when you get ice shackled and jug spins you toss the jug back at the cm. also remember that linkens and hoods are useful for stopping magic dmg. and venge must leanr how to dodge hooks. you were the main guy that was getting hit. the rest were pretty hard to hook. which is good.

and as for our team, 2 meks is a fail. you NEVER buy deso in a clannie, rather get mkb or butterfly first becos of the incredible rate of the the nvmore farming. linkens is also good.

well that's my feedback. i think we can do well in this tourney. we just need the right base strategy and good counters


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Re: i'm impressed

Post by Dre21 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:26 am

Ye i was also very happy to see so many guys turn up for the practice, it shows dedication to the clan which is good to see, which will help us grow and become better.

I think this tourney can only go better than the last. (we lost all 4 games) so cant get worse unless we have 5 teams affraid hehe

but im sure with Guidance from Yama we will stand a huge chance at even making 2nd round, which will be great. So lets keep at the practicing guys. Also guys take what the senior guys say and dont see it as a CHOON or putting u down it just helping your mistakes, everybody still learning even me. I mean our carry NEVERMORE< duno who that was, but anyway the noob got a desolator which he wasnt ment to get, but il def have a word with him so he knws for next time.

WP ALL again.



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Re: i'm impressed

Post by Hybrid on Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:52 pm

Well i watch alot of top clan replays (international ones) and i see alot of Deso's so i guess im still for deso hey. Situational more than "NEVER" i would say - but w/e everyone has different opinion and actually i havent seen a single sf in a clan game since 6.57b hit - one hero making a comeback though is morph

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Re: i'm impressed

Post by Mortal Tree on Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:52 pm

Lol yea noob Nevermore haha jokes bruv.
Yea i honestly like what i learn from playing with u guys.
And i know not to take it as a rip-off, as everything i get told really helps.
Example: look at the difference in my performance between my Enchantress game (ur Pudge Omni game) and my Tidehunter game.
There was a very big difference and its coz i had that initial guidance.
And eventually i wont need that guidance to play well so ya dude, its all in the name of personal progress which in turn is good for the team as a whole.

i wont lie having whole team on TS helps too Smile
Mortal Tree

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Re: i'm impressed

Post by Uber_micrO on Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:44 pm

Yo i tossed that jug back at the cm many time so no worries there! lol!
But yeah u guys play very well as a team, and i want to learn from u guys so i hope ill b in this clan long enough to accually learn something usefull
thanx 4 the game guys was fun Very Happy

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Re: i'm impressed

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