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Post by Uber_micrO on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:01 am

- Earthshaker/Tiny
- Priestess of the Moon/Nerubian Assassin
- Sniper/Nevermore
- Sand King / Sven
- Lina/Leshrac

Top Lane:
A) PotM + Es - The idea is for PotM to hit an enemy hero with an arrow for the long stun. This gives the earthshaker the opportunity to run up and use fissure to both damage the stunned enemy and seal his escape. PotM now can simply run up and use starfall to finish off the hero. Because of the nice cast range on both of these heroes, they should be able to get their casts off before the enemies. Another bonus is that, being at the top lane, it is very easy for one of the two to slip away and gank the middle to net sniper a kill. Es can seal the ramp off completely, and PotM can stun the hero long enough for the sniper to kill him. Later on in the game, PotM is still a powerful hero, and Es can still make or break a push on a whim.
B) PotM + Tiny - Quite the same as option A, but, with a higher damage output at the expense of pushing ability. As soon as PotM lands an arrow it should be quite easy for Tiny to get the kill.
C) Nerubian Assassin - If we do manage to get this hero, which I highly doubt, he can serve basically the same role as PotM. He can gank very easily, initiate a stun for the other heroes to take advantage of, and keep enemy mana low so that they cannot take control of the lane.

Middle Lane:
A) Sniper - I think that this strategy is tried and true. Sniper should be able to farm easily, and with PotM or Es slipping away to gank the middle, he should get some hero kills as well.
B) Nevermore - Also tried and true. With a a single stun from PotM, getting kills should be a piece of cake.

Bottom Lane:
A) Sven + Lina - An excellent lane that can easily get kills early on. These two should dominate early, and provide excellent support in ganks.
B) Sven + Leshrac - Another powerful lane that, I think, is more focused on team battles rather than ganking. Lesh's AoE spells should be able to clean up beautifully after earthshaker uses his ult.
C) Sand King + Lina - From practice, we know that any combination of these 4 heroes can work wonders.
D) Sand King + Leshrac - With these two we should be able to win plenty of team battles. I don't think that they would do quite as well in their lane Sven + Lina would, but they should still do be in control.

I think that this lineup would grant us a strong early, middle, and late game. All of the heroes used are ones that we have practiced with, and each of them remains usefull until the end. There are plenty of stuns to go around, and there is a ranged hero in every lane.

1) Nerubian Assassin - Sniper, Nevermore, PotM, Lina, and Lesh are all very vulerable to the NA. If we do not have first pick he should be banned.
2) Queen of Pain - If sniper gets a lane with her then he is not going to be farming very well at all. Her blinks and nukes will be too much for him. Nevermore might possibly be able to handle her with his nukes.
3) Magnataur/Warlock - If the enemies get this combo then we could easily be beaten in team battles. Sniper or Nevermore should be able to handle either of them individually in the middle though, so it shouldn't be necessary to ban them both.
4) Beastmaster - I am unsure about this one since we will not be relying on farming the neutrals. As long as we keep enough wards up he shouldn't be able to do too much to us. The problem is when his bird spots us trying to gank others. I don't think that radiance is a priority on any of our characters, so it might be worth it to ban him just for his bird.
5) Zeus/Spectre - Simply to stop the global combo. I am unsure about this ban because I do not think that this team is especially vulnerable to the combo. As soon as the carry gets lothars everyone should be able to escape the spectre when the combo is attempted.

If we have first pick -
1) PotM/Na. Both of these heroes will be removed from the picking pool, in one way or another, early.
2) Es/Tiny + Lina/Lesh. Es is sometimes picked early on and I would prefer to have him on the team due to his crowd control skills. Lina/Lesh are also popular.
3) Sandking/Sven + Sniper/Nevermore. Almost any single target stunner can fill the first role, so it shouldn't be a priority. Also, it is very unlikely that the opposing team would eliminate both Sniper and Nevermore from the pool.
Note: If Es is removed from the pool before we can pick him, then Sandking should be picked before Tiny and Lina/Lesh take make sure that we get some crowd control.

If we have second pick -
1) PotM/Na + Es/Tiny. Again, PotM/Na cannot easily be picked later on, and the same could go for Es.
2) Sandking/Sven + Lina/Lesh. Lina/Lesh is popular enough, and Sandking/Sven are only picked at this point due to the low priority of Nevermore/Sniper.
3) Nevermore/Sniper - Again, it is unlikely that they will both be removed from the pool at this point.

Alternative picks: If, somehow, we miss out on picking the heroes mentioned, then the following heroes could fill their roles.
Beastmaster - For his scouting and ganking abilities.
Lich - For greater crowd control and early harassment.
Skeleton King: For fighting teams with lots of nukers. A skeleton king with a radiance does very well against intelligence teams.

I am happy to take any of your Suggestions!
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Post by YamaKazi on Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:31 am

you left out jakiro, enigma and cm.
jakiro is a great hero with aoe nuke, some disable and a usefull ulti.
cm for aura and support.

another thing is that solo mid sniper is EXTREMELY risky. the middle is the most likely to be ganged. at the same time snjiper is a slow, soft hero. but if it works and the sniper gets wards early and manages to dodge the numerous gangs that will come his way, then it can work. another thing is that i dont believe sven is very useful at the start. it is very likely that they will also have a lot of stun and therefore the sk/sven combo will be neutralised.

i believe that lion is a better than lina due to his extreme ability to control a lane and nuke. the stun mana drain strat is useful and the dual disable is harsh.

i do believe that this combo your combo is very good though. its got the necessary balance of nuke, carry and tank. i think it would depend how the players use it.


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