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How To Set Up Teamspeak

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How To Set Up Teamspeak

Post by Dre21 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:21 am

The following Guide will show you how to:
1: Register a Teamspeak Account
2: Get your Teamspeak login Details
3: Download and Install Teamspeak
We do not currently have a secure teampseak channel but I have askedan admin to create a channel for us and I will let u guys know theminute the channel is up and running.
Step 1: Register a Teamspeak Account
Go to http://www.teamspeak.co.za. This is the SA teamspeak site where you will need to create anaccount. Scroll down a bit and look to the right until you find theuser Info box. Click on register
Once you have clicked register you will come to a screen that willask you if you are over the age of 13. Select 'yes' and then click oncontinue.
The next screen that you come to will ask you to enter your userregistration details. Fill the necessary details in and then fill inthe security code at the bottom and click continue.
Exclamation Remember to make ur nickname the same as your war3 nickname so that we know who you are.
You should now be registered with teamspeak.

The next step is too download the ts clien software.
2: Get your Teamspeak login Details
Return to the teamspeak home page and login on with your newlyregistered user details. Once you have logged on, you will be taken tothe forum screen. You must now get your Teamspeak client log on username and password. To do so look the left of the screen under the 'MainMenu' heading.
Click on the TS Account link under the Teamspeak heading.
Once you have clicked on TS Account you will be directed to yourteamspeak account managment page which contains your Teamspeak loginusername for the teamspeak client application.
The username is thesame as your username that entered in step 1 except it has a fewnumbers infront of it and behind it like mine here :6105-Paddabene-6105
yours will look similar to mine in.
Exclamation Please right the username down somewhere as you willneed it in step 4 when you login to the TS Server via the client.
The next step now is too install the TS client software
3: Download and Install Teamspeak
Return back to the home page of teamspeak.co.za. Look to the left hand side of the page and look under 'Main Menu'.
The download screen will no come up. Scroll down a bit and click on the 'client' link under the Teamspeak 2 - CURRENT heading.
When you click on the 'client' link you will be directed to a pagewith the 3 different operating system client versions. Click on theTeamspeak 2 client - Windows Link
Once you have clicked this linkyou will be taken to the download page. Just fill in the security codeand click the button that says 'Go Get it'.
After clicking this button the download wil start. The file is 5.5 mb big so it wont take to long
Once the download is complete, extract the files and run the setupmsi installer file. This will install teamspeak on your pc. Once it isinstalled run the TS exe file either from your desktop or from yourstart menu.
Click on connection in the top lefthand corner, and then click onconnect. This will take you to the connect to server window. Rightclick on servers and the select 'Add Server'. An item will apear belowword 'Server' and it will be called 'New Server' (You can name it 2wateva u want).
If you click on the new server, a menu structurewill appear on your right hand side. This is where you will capture theTeamspeak Server details. i will now show what to put into therespective text boxes.
(1) label
Put any name you want. I put in Teamspeak
(2) Server Address
Type the following in the textbox : go.TeamSpeak.co.za
(3) Nickname
Type your war3 nickname in here. In my case I put in Paddabene
(4) Login Name
This is where you must type in the username that i asked you write down in step 2. in my case it is 6105-Paddabene-6105.
(5)User Password
This is the password that you used when you regstered on Teamspeak.co.za.
Leave the rest blank and click on connect.
If you have captured everything correctly then It should connect.
When we have a clan channel I will update this thread to show how to connect to the clan channel.
If you are struggling to connect or have any queries give me a shout or leave a message Smile



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